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Best in St Lucie Movers​ is the best moving company in St Lucie County Florida – offering residential, commercial, interstate as well as auto transport

MOVING DEAL: First 2hrs for $385. Additional hrs is $194.


Best in St Lucie Movers

Residential Moving Company

Are you moving into Port St Lucie? Maybe you are moving around Port St Lucie? Hire the best residential moving company in St Lucie County!

Commercial Moving Company

Commercial Moving Company

Trusting a moving company to move your business or office can be a daunting task! You can trust the professional movers at Best in St Lucie Movers!

Long Distance Movers

Long Distance Movers

Moving a long distance can be a huge stress! If you need the best long-distance moving service from St Lucie to anywhere in the country, give us a call!

Hiring the right mover, the first time

At Best in St Lucie Movers, our mission is to leave our customers feeling as if they hired the right moving company the first time! Too often we hear horror stories after the fact, and our customers wish they had hired the right moving company from the start. Our reviews and leadership from the top have consistently delivered quality results and exceeded the expectations of our clients for over a decade! Hiring the right moving company the first time really requires some homework. If you look up our parent company, Best In Broward Movers – you will quickly see that in order to be called the best, the customers must call you the best! St Lucie County has grown in population over the past 5 years with no decline in sight. Many people will be moving into, out of, and around St Lucie County; hiring the best movers the first time is as simple as hiring Best in St Lucie Movers to handle your upcoming move!

Best in St Lucie Movers moving around St Lucie County

Port St Lucie Moving Company

Port St Lucie Moving Company

Port St Lucie is a great place to live. Moving to or around Port St Lucie can be easy if you hire the right movers! The best movers in Port St Lucie will get the job done with care and efficiency. Call today to get a free estimate on your upcoming move.

Piano Moving St. Lucie

Fort Pierce Moving Company

Fort Pierce is growing rapidly. Lots of new developments and homes are being built. The real estate market will continue to grow over the next decade. To move to Fort Pierce, call Best in St Lucie Movers to get a free estimate and let our experience move you!


Vero Beach Moving Company

Vero Beach is one of the prettiest areas on the Treasure Coast. There are many moving companies that want to service Vero Beach, but let our experience move you and get a free quote with Best in St Lucie Movers today! Our friendly team is standing by for you!


Jupiter Moving Company

Jupiter is a beautiful area to live and move to! If you are planning on moving to Jupiter or you are moving from Jupiter, let Best in St Lucie Movers give you a free estimate! Let our experience move you as we are a top-rated moving company on the Treasure Coast. Choose the right movers the first time!

Jensen Beach Moving Company

Jensen Beach Moving Company

Have you ever been to Jensen Beach and the surrounding areas? Such a cute area to live in. Especially with the beach and water surrounding you! If you are moving to or from Jensen Beach, get a free estimate from the best moving company around! Let our experience move you!


Stuart Moving Company

Downtown Stuart is a great place to shop. Moving to Stuart can be easy if you hire the right movers! Best in St Lucie Movers are the best movers on the Treasure Coast. Get a free moving estimate by just giving us a call or filling out the easy-to-use form! We look forward to hearing from you!

Commercial Moving Company

Long Distance Moving Company

Long-Distance movers are not all created equal. Our customers understand the importance of having a highly rated and trustworthy moving company to move their possessions long distances. Do not hire the cheapest movers! Hire the Best!


Auto Transport Moving Services

Sometimes you just need some assistance moving a motor vehicle from one location to another. If you can not move it yourself, allow our auto transport professionals to help you! Get a free car shipping quote today, just fill out the form!


Fact: Great movers are reviewed highly and reviewed often. There is no mistake a great moving company! The best movers are led by strong leadership from the top. As a family-owned and operated moving company, Best in St Lucie Movers is guided by the best movers in South Florida.

  • Residential Movers
  • Commercial Movers
  • Interstate & Long-Distance Movers
  • Auto Movers
  • Residential Moving Services
  • Commercial Moving Services
  • Long-Distance Moving Services
  • Auto Transport Services

Best in St Lucie Movers

Residential Movers

Hiring a residential mover can be a very stressful time in peoples’ lives. Statistically speaking, people usually live in 4-5 different homes in their lifetime. The transition between one resident and another takes effort. Hiring movers takes a lot of the effort out of the equation but also requires a ton of trust. How do you trust a moving company? Movers have to handle your most intimate property, all of your household belongings! Trust is not just given, trust is earned. Best in St Lucie Movers is the most trustworthy mover entity on the Treasure Coast. We guarantee customer satisfaction 100%. You can trust our movers with your upcoming residential move regardless of whether it’s just across town or long-distance to another state. Earning your trust means a great reputation in our community – this is our prerogative!

Commercial Movers

Looking for a reliable commercial mover in St Lucie County? We understand that moving your business, office, warehouse, or factory is not a light request. With our a decade of commercial moving experience, our movers are the best commercial movers in St Lucie County and the Treasure Coast. Moving your office requires precision and swift execution – sometimes requiring off-hour moves and quick reassemblies. We understand that! Moving your business might require moving heavy equipment that can be sensitive, our lift gate moving trucks and our strong movers will ensure this equipment gets to its destination without harm! Moving a warehouse can be a massive undertaking and may require several trucks and lots of manpower – we can do that too! Whatever your needs are, our commercial movers will handle the job like the Best in St Lucie would!

Interstate & Long-Distance Movers

Whether you are moving across the state of Florida or moving from Florida to Colorado, our movers are here to serve you with the highest level of commitment in the industry. Many people move interstate, from one county like St Lucie County, across the state to another county. It’s totally common but hiring the right moving company will make the difference between stress-less and stressful! Long-Distance movers are not all created equal. Trusting a moving company with your belongings for days or weeks as the load arrives at its final destination can be extremely stressful! When hiring a moving company to handle your interstate or long-distance move, do not like price sway you one way or another! Do not hire the cheapest mover to handle your upcoming interstate or long-distance move – hire the best mover to have the least stressful experience possible! Give Best in St Lucie Movers a call to discuss your upcoming

Auto Movers

Sometimes you can not move your own car, truck, motorcycle, RV, or even boat from one location to another! If you need the best auto movers, aka Auto Transport, in St Lucie County, let our transport professionals assist you with aligning your needs with the best-priced carrier for your job! Auto Transport can be extremely valuable when going any distance, as there is always a carrier to move your vehicle from point A to B. Our auto transport brokers work for YOU, our customer! If you are seeking a trustworthy auto mover, we will include all of these services in your upcoming moving quote. Just call us or follow the link to submit your details to get a free auto transport quote online! We are not only the Best Movers in St Lucie but also the best auto movers in Florida!

Best In Lucie Movers - Your Trusted, Full-Service, & Affordable Piano Moving CompanyHere

Piano – a fragile yet heavy musical instrument that defines perfection at its peak. If you own a piano and are planning a move in pr around St Lucie County, worrying about the safety of the instrument is evident. After all, pianos and piano repair are expensive. Additionally, pianos also hold sentimental value and, therefore, should be moved by professionals for safe and secure transportation.

Best In St Lucie piano movers has hands-on experience in moving pianos and is equipped with the latest tools for a smooth piano move. Pianos are complex and heavy yet delicate instruments, and even slight wear and tear can result in immense loss. Thus, our piano movers come prepared with proper padding materials to prevent pianos from any accidents. Our piano movers are highly skilled, trained for piano moving, and have expertise in moving every kind of piano. From baby grand pianos and upright pianos to spinet piano and organ piano, our professionals have moving equipment nd skills suitable for each type of piano.

Upon request of an onsite visit, our professional piano movers will come to your location and inspect the size and type of piano, twists and turns in the current and new location, and the distance between the two destinations. Thereafter, we offer a free estimate with no hidden charges. You can avail of our piano moving services if our competitive prices fit your budget.

Our passengers can assure you of safe piano transportation. You can schedule an on-site appointment online or contact us at 954 501 1225.


Port St Lucie Residential Movers


Commercial Moving Service in Port St Lucie


Best Movers in Port St Lucie


Long Distance Moving Service in Port St Lucie


Inter-State Moving Service in Port St Lucie


Auto Transport in Port St Lucie


Residential Moving Services

Not all residential moving services are created equal. A residential moving service requests a truckload of trust from the potential client. Residential moves require movers to pack up, move, and sometimes unpack and reinstall someone’s personal belongings. When hiring a residential moving service, a lot of questions run through the client’s head. So many horrors stories on the world wide web when hiring the wrong movers. Having a residential moving service that you can trust allows for a much less stressful moving experience! Let’s face it, moving is extremely stressful with or without a moving company. The goal of Best in St Lucie Movers is to deliver the smoothest least stressful move you ever experienced. Our company motto is “Let the experience MOVE YOU” and our movers are moved by it! To get the best residential moving services in St Lucie County, give us a call today!

Commercial Moving Services

A lot to consider when calling commercial moving companies! When searching for a commercial moving service, consider what it will take to get your business or warehouse move. With that understanding, finding the moving service that feels like the best fit is imperative! Moving business is an extremely difficult process and we understand that sometimes it takes going the extra mile to deliver the best commercial moving experience! When finding the commercial business moving company that you feel will be the best fit, look at their reviews! Does that business have any reviews from business owners? Moving offices, moving warehouses, moving industrial facilities with heavy equipment – this is not an easy task for anyone! Hiring the right commercial moving service to move your business is vital to the ongoing productivity of your business – do not settle for less, hire the best!

Long-Distance Moving Services

Long-distance moving does not have to be a drag! If you need reliable long-distance moving services, hire the best mover in St Lucie County! With over a decade of successful interstate and long-distance moves! Understanding what it takes to successfully complete a long-distance move is the first step to ensuring customer satisfaction! When a client is needing to move to another state, there is a lot of moving pieces to make it actually happen in a timely matter! Trust is the biggest concern customers face when hiring a long-distance moving service. Customers can be fearful of broken or missing personal articles when dealing with an extended move, but with Best in St Lucie Movers, our guarantee is customer satisfaction every time with every move! If you have an upcoming long move to handle, let the best handle it and let our experience move you!

Auto Transport Services

Auto transport services do not have to be overpriced or complicated! Fortunately for you, our experienced moving & transport brokers are ready and able to help you with your upcoming move of your household goods as well as your car, truck, RV, boat, or even off-road vehicle! You do not have to go shopping around and trying to put the pieces together yourself! If you hire Best in St Lucie Movers for your move, and you need auto transport services, rest assured you will get high-quality service in the industry! When you are our customer, satisfaction is our #1 priority and we take pride in ensuring that our customers’ relocation is as smooth as possible! Auto Movers, or car shipping, companies solely rely on moving cars – with Best in St Lucie Movers, our focus is relocating all of your possessions from point A to B as seamlessly as possible! To get an auto transport quote, speak to our representatives or fill out our easy-to-use form today!

Client Testimonials

Give us a call for a FREE estimate today, and a member of our team will be in touch soon!

Best in St Lucie Movers
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