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Are you looking for Piano Moving St. Lucie to safely move your piano? Moving a piano yourself is not a child’s play, especially when you don’t have the right equipment to move the piano. If you’re a senior, physically not fit, or just trying to move with small children, moving a piano on your own is not recommended. If you have had previous injuries, skip the self-piano moving process and save yourself from injury by calling a reliable and trustworthy piano moving company. Best In St Lucie Movers is your one-stop solution for piano moving in St Lucie and nearby areas. We have a team of professional piano movers to make your move easy and stress-free. 

When you need piano moving services, it’s crucial to count on the right moving company. Being a reputable piano moving company, we don’t just move your piano but ensure that your piano is safely transported to the desired destination. Our moving services aren’t limited to St Lucie. We offer services across the Treasure Coast, Fort Pierce, all of St. Lucie County, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Miami FL. Contact us online or call 954-501-1225 for a moving estimate.

Why Hire Professional Piano Moving Companies in St Lucie, Florida?

Whether your piano is a sentimental family heirloom or you’re a pianist who practices daily, you can’t always part ways with a piano when moving. We know you understand that getting your piano safely transported to a new place is essential. Our team of St Lucie County piano movers is licensed by FMCSA. We have the experience to avoid any kind of moving pitfall when it comes to moving pianos across South Florida. 

Our professional piano movers possess logistical knowledge to ensure that a piano doesn’t get damaged during the move. We have the best local movers in the market who are qualified in secure traveling.  In fact, our outstanding and expert team of professionals will be delighted to help you with piano moving. We are proud to be the best piano moving company with a history of moving pianos.

Piano Moving St. Lucie

Affordable Piano Moving St. Lucie

Moving a piano is not an easy process. It requires a professional’s help to safely move it to its new location. However, most people choose not to hire professional piano movers due to the cost they charge and end up further damaging their piano and other large instruments. If you are contemplating whether to hire a professional piano mover, let Best In St Lucie Movers help you. We offer quality piano moving services in St Lucie, Florida. Our services are pocket-friendly, so you do not need to fret about whether to hire our Piano Moving St. Lucie services. 

We do not simply transport your piano from one place to another but ensure that your piano is safe and secure throughout the moving process. Moreover, the price we charge for moving your piano is based on the type and size of the piano. We’re the best piano moving company in St. Lucie County, offering secure and cost-effective services to save money.

Piano Moving St. Lucie

Types of Piano Moving Services in Port St Lucie

Like most musical instruments, pianos are fragile yet heavy and require special tools to move. Moreover, they are prone to be damaged if not correctly taken care of while in transit. Regardless of the type of piano you have or want to move, our team of piano movers offers piano moving services for all types of piano. It includes different types of pianos, keyboard instruments, and harpsichords. We move every type of piano, including upright pianos, grand pianos, baby grand, antique pianos, and many others. 

  • Baby grand: It is the most popular type of piano, having a size of 4’ 5” to 4’ 10”. It is the smallest piano, as the name suggests. 
  • Upright Piano: It is the tallest piano among the vertical pianos, from 50 to 60 inches, and has a width of 62 inches. 
  • Parlor grand: It is also called a living room piano ranging from 5’ 9” to 6’ 1” in size. 
  • Studio Piano: This type of piano is usually found in schools and studios. The height of the piano ranges from around 45 to 48 inches.

There are many other types of pianos that we move. Feel free to connect with us for safe and secure piano moving services.

Trust Best In St Lucie Movers For Experienced Piano Moving

Do you want to move your piano without causing any damage to it or yourself? If yes, count on the Best In St Lucie Movers to safely transport your piano anywhere in Florida. We have a team of professional piano movers who use advanced tools and tricks to move a piano. Our hard-working piano movers in Port St Lucie, Fl, are experienced and do a fantastic job when it comes to moving pianos to a new location. There are many reasons why you should hire our moving services. We are:

  • Trained in professional piano relocation and use specialized equipment 
  • Fully licensed and certified 
  • Experienced in piano moving 

If you’re worried about piano moving, call us at 954-501-1225. We know you will love our service!


Whatever type of piano you’re planning to move to anywhere within St Lucie or the surrounding area, we have a team of professional piano movers ready to get the job done without causing any damage to your piano. We offer affordable piano moving services. Request us for a free estimate now.

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