St Lucie West

This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about moving to or around the St Lucie West area. We’ll explore the neighborhoods, amenities, and moving tips and highlight the services of Best in St Lucie Movers – your local moving experts.

St Lucie West is a suburban community located in western St Lucie County, Florida. Situated along the coast of the St. Lucie River, it has become a popular residence for those seeking oceanfront living while maintaining proximity to the surrounding cities of Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce, and West Palm Beach.

As a full-service moving company, Best in St Lucie Movers is equipped to handle all aspects of your relocation. From packing and loading materials to unloading at your new St Lucie West address, their team of experienced movers makes the process seamless. Additional services like packing assistance, furniture wrapping, storage options, and local moving supplies are also available.

Whether you’re relocating within St Lucie County or elsewhere in Florida, Best in St Lucie Movers can accommodate residential or commercial moving needs. Get customized estimates for in-state moves to places like Port St Lucie, Fort Pierce, West Palm Beach, and beyond. Read on for everything you need to prepare for your move to or around St Lucie West!

Brief history and description of St Lucie West

Brief history and description of St Lucie West  St Lucie West first emerged in the 1960s as land was cleared for development along the coast of the St. Lucie River. Early residents were drawn to its natural beauty and proximity to both land and sea. Over the decades, it has grown from a tiny hamlet into a vibrant suburban community.

While the area has grown significantly, it still retains that small-town charm. Neighborhoods feature gorgeous oak-lined streets and large palm trees swaying in the breeze. A mix of homes ranging from historic cottages to modern estates line the roads. Nearby you’ll find award-winning beaches, parks, and a variety of shops and restaurants.  


(Some of the most popular amenities in St Lucie West include:)

  • Palm City Golf Club: An 18-hole championship golf course offering scenic views.
  • Riverwalk Plaza: An open-air shopping center with boutiques, cafes, and an 8-screen cinema.  
  • St. Lucie West Centennial Park: 95 acres packed with trails, playgrounds, sports fields, and a picnic area.

Nature lovers will appreciate the proximity to Halpatiokee Park, where over 15,000 acres of pristine wetlands can be explored by foot or kayak. Wildlife-watching opportunities abound with manatees, birds, and more native to Florida’s ecology. When it’s time to unwind, head downtown to Fort Pierce or Port St. Lucie for additional dining and nightlife.

Of course, no matter where you’re moving within the St. Lucie area – whether it’s nearby Jensen Beach, Port St. Lucie, or beyond – the experts at Best in St Lucie Movers have you covered. Their team holds decades of experience skillfully navigating the logistics of any Florida relocation. Request a free quote for your hurricane season move today. Discuss your needs and any storm shuttering requirements. Get expert advice from Florida’s #1 movers.

Moving Supplies in St Lucie West

Moving Supplies in St Lucie West  When moving locally within St Lucie County or elsewhere in Florida, it’s important to have the proper supplies. Best in St Lucie Movers knows moving can be stressful, so they do everything possible to make it seamless. Their full-service options include providing all the boxes, packing materials, and equipment you need.

Packing Supplies  

Whether you pack yourself or use their packing services, their warehouse has everything. This includes boxes in a range of sizes, packing paper, tape, bubble wrap, wardrobe boxes, and labels. Avoid waiting for deliveries by getting your supplies locally in St Lucie West.

Drop by their supply depot conveniently located right in your area. Browse boxes suitable for books, photos, dishes, and more. Bring your inventory list to ensure getting the right volumes. For a fee their team can also come pack your items for you, taking the stress out of the chore. This full-service option saves time and provides peace of mind.

Packing Tips

(Some expert tips for efficient packing include:)

  • Label every box clearly by room and contents. This prevents lost time searching on a moving day.  
  • Use protective peanuts or paper to cushion fragile items from damage.
  • Consider packing a “first-day” box with toiletries, snacks, and any items needed quickly at the new place.

For larger items like furniture, TVs, or appliances, moving blankets, pads, and straps are essential. The experts can advise on properly moving any unusual belongings as well. Request quotes for all your Hurricane Ian moving needs today. The team is here to assist Florida residents before, during, and after the storm.


Storage Solutions for Your Belongings

Storage Solutions for Your Belongings  For those moving locally within the St Lucie area, storage is often necessary between selling one home and buying another. Best in St Lucie Movers understands your needs don’t stop just because you’re transitioning residences. Their secure storage facilities provide the perfect solution to house your possessions temporarily. 

Climate-Controlled Storage

Located conveniently in St Lucie West off Indian River Drive, their storage center features spacious, climate-controlled units. Moisture and temperature-controlled environments keep your items protected from Florida’s elements. Choose between small walk-up units or larger drive-up spaces suited to furniture and more.

An electronic gate and 24/7 video surveillance ensure your treasures stay safe and secure. Best of all, you retain easy access to retrieve anything you need while settling into new accommodations. The staff can provide boxes, blankets, or assistance transporting items if you require them.

Monthly Rental Options

Rental agreements are flexible with no long-term commitments. Pay month-to-month so you only spend the time you need. This allows you to time your move-around home sale and purchase schedules. Insurance is also available if you require additional coverage for high-value collectibles.

As experts in Florida relocations, the team understands unique storm season needs as well. Inquire about covered wash bays and facilities suited to securely sheltering a vehicle or boat through a hurricane. Now offering discounts for locals storing possessions before or after storms like Hurricane Ian. Trust Florida’s #1 moving company for all your storage and transport requirements.

Moving Tips for St Lucie West Residents

Moving Tips for St Lucie West Residents  Planning makes any move much less chaotic. For those considering a relocation locally within St Lucie West or nearby communities, here are some expert tips from Best in St Lucie Movers:

Give Yourself Time  

Major life moves can be stressful, so allow sufficient preparation. Schedule movers at least 4-6 weeks before your targeted moving date. This gives time for packing, cleaning, and any repairs at your current home. 

Declutter Early

It’s easy to accumulate excess stuff over time. Host a garage sale, donate unused items, or toss trash beforehand to minimize what needs moving. Packing and transporting only essential belongings makes the process quicker and cheaper.

Change Important Info

Don’t forget to update your address with the postal service, DMV, banks, doctors, and more. Forward mail to avoid missed bills or correspondence. Change utilities at your new residence too. This ensures a smooth transition.

Assign Team Roles

Designate tasks to make packing more organized. Assign one family member or friend to be in charge of packing certain rooms, and breakables or overseeing donations. Delegate tasks like packing stationery or hanging clothes. Work as a coordinated team to stay on schedule.

For hurricane preparations like shuttering windows or evacuations, the experienced team at Best in St Lucie Movers can assist. Count on us for storm season moves, storage, and all your local transport needs before, during, or after a storm. Request a free estimate today.

Why Choose Best in St Lucie Movers?

Why Choose Best in St Lucie Movers?  Making a move is stressful enough without worrying about the logistics. When choosing a moving company, you want one you can trust with your valuable belongings as the premier movers based in St Lucie County, Best in St Lucie Movers has a proven track record of reliable and stress-free service. Here are some reasons they are a cut above the rest:

Experienced Professionals  

Their team holds decades of experience navigating every aspect of Florida relocations. Whether local moves within St Lucie West or across the state, the experts know how to get clients into the new home smoothly. 

Attention to Detail

From custom packing and wrapping to carefully loading a truck, they treat every item as if it were their own. Careful logistics and proper equipment mean your possessions arrive damage-free on a moving day.

Customizable Services

Enjoy tailored solutions for all your needs including packing, loading, partial or full-service options, storage, and supplies. Get estimates for local or long-distance corporate or residential moves.

Reasonably Priced

Affordable rates fit all relocation budgets, whether moving within St Lucie County or elsewhere in Florida like Fort Pierce or Jupiter. Payment plans are available for larger transfers.

As Florida’s #1 choice for storm season moves, they also offer special services for hurricane preparation. Contact us early to discuss window protection, securing possessions before a storm, or post-hurricane clean-up and transfers. Trust the local experts to handle all your Fort Pierce, Port St Lucie, or state-wide moving needs. Request your customized quote today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the average cost of a local move in St Lucie West? 

The average cost of a move within a 20-mile radius of St Lucie West is $600-900 depending on size. Factors that impact price include distance, number of bedrooms/floors, stairs, and premium services like packing/unpacking. Get a free quote today from Best in St Lucie Movers for a customized estimate.  

2. How far in advance should I book my moving company?

For commercial or residential moves, booking 4-6 weeks out is recommended to secure services and dates. St Lucie County gets busy during hurricane season and holidays. Schedule ASAP to avoid last-minute rush fees and get priority for packing supplies. Reach out now to discuss your Port St Lucie or Fort Pierce move!

3. What items will require extra care or packing for the move?  

Fragile items like dishes, electronics, photos, mirrors, and artwork need extra wrapping to prevent damage to the truck. Items like large appliances, hot tubs, or machinery require covered trucks or equipment. The movers can advise best practices for anything unique. Their goal is a flawless relocation experience for every family and business!

4. What documents do I need to change my address with important accounts?  

Plan to update your addresses for driver’s licenses, car registration, voter registration, bank documents, insurance, utility accounts, subscriptions, and any similar accounts. Bring copies of your ID, keys, passwords, and any paperwork related to forms of contact when switching your address for an efficient process.

5. How can I prepare my home for showings while in the moving process?

Focus packing on rooms not needed like spare rooms first. For showings, stash-packed boxes neatly in one room or garage. Give the landscaping a refresh and do light cleaning. Provide an information sheet about remaining dos, inspections, or repairs. Request the movers to store larger items temporarily if space is tight.

St. Lucie West truly offers a unique blend of nature and luxury. And when it comes to your moving needs, Best in St. Lucie Movers is ready to assist you every step of the way. Whether you’re relocating your home or office, their expertise and exceptional service will ensure a smooth and stress-free move. Start your journey to St. Lucie West today and experience the best this vibrant community has to offer.

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